EC1 PAN Coordinator

The EC1 PAN Coordinator configures and connects wireless devices that can be managed by open-protocol automation systems and business applications which support MODBUS TCP.  The EC1 operates on 802.15.4 wireless standard with an Ethernet port to be accessed from the Internet or local area network.

Each wireless enabled Intelliway device is given a specific device type name and a specific set of MODBUS registers which can be accessed via MODBUS TCP protocol.  Each assigned MODBUS register set contained device link status, sensor battery conditions (for battery operated devices) and other relevant data.

The self-forming Intelliway mesh network is easy to start-up, and its self-healing feature provides outstanding communication robustness. The EC1 provides a Web-based remote configuration and maintenance UI and the unique benefit of over-the-air Software/Firmware upgradability.

Technical Specification


Installation location:

• Do not install the EC1 in a metal enclosure (use plastic or fiberglass if required)
• Do not install the EC1 within 10 Feet of an 802.11 Wi-Fi Access Point
• Do not install the EC1 within 25 Feet of a cell repeater
• For best performance the antenna of the EC1 should be vertical, either up or down.


Data Sheet
User Manual
Spec Sheet